Solid Bronze Sculpture Adam (Rodin) 88cm FIME 2


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Fine Cast Solid Bronze Sculpture Adam (Rodin) 88cm:

This Fine Cast Solid Bronze Sculpture Adam (Rodin) 88cm would make a great addition to any garden. Therefore this classic sculpture will look fine in any home as a statement piece or suitable for any exterior garden or terrace position.
In addition we also have the matching Eve Sculpture by Rodin. Consequently this Fine Cast Bronze Sculpture will last forever. For instance it comes with a corrosion free guarantee. Because Solid Bronze cannot rust or corrode.
Code FIME 2
Size 89 x 29 x 29cm

History of the Sculpture

Adam by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)In 1881 Rodin received a commission from the Ministry of fine arts. Two large figures of Adam and Eve.
For instance a well-developed musculature of Adam, suggests great physical strength.
And in addition contrasts with the bizarre pose.
Which consequently calls to mind a tormented being. For example pointing his finger downwards to the ground. As a result Rodin’s Adam seems to emphasize his earthly bonds.
For example, although Rodin is generally considered the pregenitor of modern sculpture. He did not therefore set out to rebel against the past. And he was schooled traditionally. He took for instance a craftsman-like approach to his work. And therefore desired academic recognition. as a result he was never accepted into Paris’s foremost school of art.
Sculpturally, Rodin possessed a unique ability. To model a complex, turbulent, deeply pocketed surface in clay. As a result many of his most notable sculptures were criticized during his lifetime. They consequently clashed with predominant figurative sculpture traditions. As a result works were decorative, formulaic, or highly thematic.

Rodin’s most original work therefore departed from traditional themes of mythology and allegory. Modelled the human body with realism, and celebrated individual character and physicality. Rodin was for instance, sensitive to the controversy surrounding his work. but for example refused to change his style. Successive works brought as a result increasing favour from the government and the artistic community. By 1900 he was consequently a world renowned artist

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