Bronze Nymph Water Feature Sculpture Shell Fountain FO 84


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* Size: 200x75x70cm Weight Approx 75kgs
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Bronze Nymph Water Feature Sculpture Shell Fountain:

This Bronze Nymph Water Feature Sculpture Shell Fountain FO 84 is 2m tall. For example, water not only cascades down from the sculpture but also sprays up from the lily pads. Because they have two inlets the water is spread evenly. For instance it would be perfect placed as a centre piece to any garden. Three Women with Birds has amazing detail and is a very fine feature to look upon.
All of our Bronze Fountains come with copper piping running through them. A bronze male end hose connector. Most good Aquatic Shops will be able to supply you with clear pond hose pipe. A good tip is to place the end of the hose in hot water for a few minutes to make it supple. Then with a jubilee clip secure the hose onto the male end connector.
Furthermore this piece comes with a corrosion free guarantee. Bronze cannot corrode or rust enabling it to last you a lifetime.
Code FO 84
Size 200x75x70cm
Weight approx 75kgs

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