Sphynx Cat Lifestyle Bronze Sculptures £325.00 each

Sphynx Cats Lifestyle Bronze Sculpture 2 | Avant Garden Bronzes

Sphynx Cat Lifestyle Bronze Sculptures £325.00 each

Sphynx Cat Lifestyle Bronze Sculptures

Sphynx Cat Lifestyle Bronze Sculptures. The wonderful world of cats, It’s an unusual breed of cat that’s for sure. For example this very refined feline creature looks like something from another world. For instance an Avatar. We all know if you want to find the most comfy seat in the house look for the cat. We all love cats, this little modern type would love a new home all of it’s own. Any sci-fi cat lover would be chuffed to bits to receive this little beauty as a birthday or seasonal pressie. As a shelf sitter or on the window sill, maybe put a cushion underneath or a bit of sheepskin to make it look more authentic. On the other hand this lovely Bronze Sculpture can live outside in any weather all year round. And has a full corrosion or rust free guarantee.
Lovely cat ornament if you wish for something different, perfect anywhere in the home or garden

Code CA 20 (sitting) CA 21 (standing)
Size 22x12x15cm & 22x11x29cm

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