Dog Love Mini Cremation Urn Ash Keepsake Bronze Sculpture MESU 58


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Dog Love Mini Cremation Urn Ash Keepsake Bronze Sculpture

Dog Love Mini Cremation Urn Ash Keepsake Bronze Sculpture. The perfect way to keep some of your pets ashes. This touching piece will also keep part of an adult humans ashes. What could be a more natural way to keep the ashes safe and close than a long lasting. Totally fine solid bronze weatherproof memorial ornament. These beautiful bronze sculptures could also be engraved and are easy to place at a graveside or in a garden. A fine cast bronze sculpture will endure any weather condition. So can be placed in any situation and will stand the test of time, unchanged. Totally weather resistant for permanent outdoor use
The Small Memorial Urns are most suitable if members of your family wish to share your loved ones ashes. Or for your favourite Cat, Dog or other favourite pet. Only the Large Memorial urns will hold all the ashes of a beloved adult person.
Code: MESU 58
* Size: 12x10x10cm
* Capacity: 450ml

Cremation Urn Memorial Bronze Sculpture

There are many stages in the creation of a bronze sculpture. Consequently each and every stage requires care, skill and a great deal of effort and patience. To transform an artists vision into a work of art. As a result Bronze Sculpture Memorial Urns are the best way to celebrate the life of a loved family member. In addition a memorial Garden Stone can be a discreet way to hold on to your loved ones ashes.

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