Lady With Jug Classic Fountain Solid Bronze Sculpture £9795.00

FO 66 Bronze Sculpture Classic Lady Fountain 5 | Avant Garden Bronzes

Lady With Jug Classic Fountain Solid Bronze Sculpture £9795.00

Lady With Jug Classic Fountain Solid Bronze Sculpture:

Lady With Jug Classic Fountain Solid Bronze Sculpture is a stunning piece with exquisite detail, very charming. For example easy to install and easy to maintain. In addition this Fountain could be self contained standing alone on a patio or by a pond. For instance it also could be used inside a conservatory to add humidity if too hot & dry for plants.
All of our Bronze Water Fountains have copper pipe running through them. In addition a male end hose connector at the bottom or base. All good Aquatic Shops will sell clear pond hose pipe. Using a jubilee clip secure the pipe to the male end connector. A good tip if the hose is tight. Just place the end of the hose in hot water for a few minutes which will make it supple.
This photo was taken at our first UK Show The National Game Fair, at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire in 2021. We will be exhibiting there again at the end of July 2023.
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