Garden Fountain Bronze Dragon Sculpture Water Feature £1095.00

Bronze Dragon On Rock Fountain Sculpture Water Feature FO 14 1 | Avant Garden Bronzes

Garden Fountain Bronze Dragon Sculpture Water Feature £1095.00

Garden Fountain Bronze Dragon Sculpture Water Feature:

This Garden Fountain Bronze Dragon Sculpture Water Feature is Magical & Mystical. For example a Majestic Dragon Sculpture over half a metre tall. He will watch over your garden with true grandeur and will last forever. All of our Bronze Collection has a full guarantee against rust, bronze it cannot corrode or rust.
The amazing photo of this Dragon up lit is done by clever night time up lighting which is not included.
Therefore this Fine Bronze Sculpture Fountain Dragon Water Feature is prefect for a garden. This Bronze Sculpture Fountain Dragon is from the world of mythical creatures and is a serpent like legendary beast that can fly with it’s wings outstretched nasty horns and breath fire and is generally regarded with fear. St George famously slayed the Dragon and they have been mentioned through the ages as monsters that should be tamed or over come. Often said to live in caves making them even more mysterious. To have your very own Dragon in your garden spurting water is likely to be a great talking point.
Code FO 14
Size 63x50x40cm
Weight approx 11kgs

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