Boy & Girl Under Umbrella Bronze Garden Sculpture £4749.00

Solid Bronze Boy & Girl Under Umbrella Garden Sculpture 3 | Avant Garden Bronzes

Boy & Girl Under Umbrella Bronze Garden Sculpture £4749.00

Boy & Girl Under Umbrella Bronze Garden Sculpture:

Boy & Girl Under Umbrella Bronze Garden Sculpture is a lovely garden feature. Showing Children sheltering under their umbrella. The water comes out of the top of the umbrella and falls like rain over the children. This is a modern classic in everyway & makes a beautiful centre piece to any size garden. This will also last you a lifetime as bronze cannot corrode or rust.
All of our Bronze Fountains and Water Features have copper piping running through them. A bronze male end hose connector at the base or back. All good Aquatic Shops will be able to supply you with clear pond hose pipe. Using a jubilee clip secure tightly. A quick tip in case the hose is tight. Place the end of the hose in hot water for a few minutes. Which will soften it and make it easier to push on to the male end connector.
Code FO 8
Size 127 x 53 x 43cm
Weight approx 51kgs

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