Armillary Sphere Sundial Medium 45cm Solid Bronze Sculpture AR 7


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* Size 45 x 50 x 30cm
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Armillary Sphere Sundial Medium 45cm Bronze Sculpture:

This Armillary Sundial Sphere Medium 45cm Bronze Sculpture makes a perfect gift. For a special occasion Wedding Anniversary, retirement or to mark the passing of time. This beautiful time piece is totally suitable to live outside in any weather conditions. It comes with a corrosion free guarantee because bronze cannot corrode or rust.
Setting up your Bronze Armillary Sundial Sculpture
place it in a light sunny area and position. So that the gnomon (the centre bar with the arrow) casts no shadow at exactly 12 noon. It is to face true north. This will have to be checked frequently as with seasonal variations. Make sure that your Armillary sits on a flat level horizontal surface. The Armillaries look stunning set on top of our Chinese Limestone Pedestals. there is a photo showing the underside of a Pedestal so you can see just how sturdy they really are.

Code AR 7
Size 45 x 50 x 30cm

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